An entertaining Telugu movie 2022 – Swathi Muthyam

An entertainment film is an excellent choice to watch during the weekend to relieve stress and laugh sometimes. It will give you a good feeling and offer enjoyment in many ways. Swathi Muthyam is one such comedy entertainment film that is a perfect choice for weekend watching. It contains twists and unique content that keeps viewers interested until the end.

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The cast of the movie Swathi Muthyam

The central characters of this movie are Bellamkonda Ganesh as Bala Murali Krishna and Varsha Bollamma as Bhagyalakshmi (Bhagi). The other cast members of this film include Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, and Goparaju Ramana.

The story of Swathi Muthyam

Swathi Muthyam is a Telugu comedy-drama film which has a unique comedy story. The story starts with Bala Murali Krishna, a pure-hearted young man working as a government employee. While his parents force him to get married, he finally develops feelings for Bhagyalakshmi. But the twist appears when a girl calls Bala on his wedding day, telling him he has a child.

The marriage gets cancelled, but Bhagi finds out that Bala donated sperm for surrogacy in the past to a lady. Since the baby’s mother dies, the doctor calls Bala as he is the baby’s biological father. Later the story continues with Bala trying to make things up to normal.

What can you expect from Swathi Muthyam?

If you expect a good entertainment film with a unique story, then Swathi Muthyam is a perfect choice. It is a Telugu film which comes with a surrogacy story. The main character of this film, Bala, is represented as a perfectly good person with a childlike heart. Thus, the story moves on interestingly with the comedy parts caused by his naivety and romance.

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