A blow to the cornea, it can be serious or not?

Fifi” was a school accident, picking up an automatic umbrella that had fallen, the mechanism is triggered and received umbrella in the eye, but the stick side, which had no handle. He was treated at school for his cuts to upper and lower eyelids, but he hit on the cornea. The school asks me to take an appointment with an ophthalmologist ….. hoping it will not take three months. He complained of a “small inconvenience”. Of course compared to what it could have been: it’s nothing, but I am a little concerned. Thanks

If as in France you must wait months for an RV at the optometrist – I often complain about the health system here but in most of the specialists we go the same day and without RV … -….. I was you, I’d file to eye emergencies closest to my home !!! I’m not very “hospital” on the whole, but it is “played” not with the eyes. The most likely is that it is not serious … but when in doubt, and if he complains of a gene, go tomorrow. Keep us in touch.

I do not know if it is similar but a friend told me there is little that her baby (1 year) lodged a yoghurt pot by the time she turns around to take a spoon and was stuck in the eye.
It had a claw on the cornea. The ophthalmologist told him it would cure itself without sequelae.
On the iris against, she would have kept a scar and saw a stain all his life. I hope Fifi Benin is also the kid.


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