Astigmatism & Lenses Recommendations?

Hello, I am myopic and astigmatic! I went to see an ophthalmologist to have lenses. But I went twice but still we take the time, when I go to the optician to try the lenses they have prescribed me is still fuzzy … I will wish for advice of those who are in the same situation .. is never net you will see with the lenses but still a little fuzzy .. He wondered if I could tell by far this is the case but the more I look closely for it becomes blurred. In short, I myself know much especially with the astigmatism problem that complicates everything … Thanks for your help!

I am myopic and astigmatic, I wore the lenses for 30 years. It takes getting used to, it’s a different correction that glasses. Do not give up, it’s really worth.

I am myopic and astigmatic and also some lenses correct astigmatism brands better than others; it will perhaps be necessary that you try on several. Furthermore, you suffer perhaps dry eye and / or you do not know yet put your lenses properly and / or your correction is miscalculated and / or, simply, you’ve confused your left and your right lens lens.

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