Bags under the eyes, cure

A healthy lifestyle
Fatigue, winter, computer … The causes can be many.
To those who spend the day at the computer, remember to adjust the brightness of your screen, and do not forget to make poses, even short, to rest your eyes.
If this phenomenon is temporary, due to a short night or a boozy meal, a good night’s sleep will do disappear. 2. Hy-dra-ta-tion More than any part of the face, it pampers its eye area thoroughly, using a specific treatment to be applied morning and night.

Why do you cry when you peel onions?

Because onions give off volatile gases that activate tears. The deception of the onion with water from time to time in the peeling makes the gases released less volatile. and then cry less

Onions contain an irritating substance that is released when you cut them. Is volatile and comes into contact with the liquid that protects the eyes. The eyes then secrete tears to protect diluting the irritating substance. Tears are secreted by the lacrimal glands and are discharged into the nose through the puncta, two small holes on the edge of the upper and lower eyelids near the nose


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