Lenses 13 years?

Hi, I am myopic .. well I think since I was 6 years old I wear glasses, I lost, I break and the last pairs of glasses is so scratched that I did more door, I 13 years I am 13 years is whether I can wear the lenses I duu sport, is it’s very chjiant to have the glasses falling and as I am very I head up the pairs are what 13 years is too early to wear daily disposable lenses, I am informed and depends, i ask my mother who was going to take an appointment with the optometrist, but my father did not notice too much for I door .. Are you wear lenses? .. If so, you can tell me about it because I admit that on one side it’s a little scary.

I wear since my 14 years, little has changed since being. I’m also myopic lenses but the price varies according to the degree and eye disease, also known as younger, I did not take care of my lens and I had more than once ulceration in eyes I just tell you that these extremely annoying and it just be very painful. I like the lens 100% I find it much more comfortable but attention wash and especially removing all the evening, it’s very important.

you know before wearing the lenses must be stabilized your eyes that is to say no further progress! and still has the same adjustment by cons if you do not manage to take care of the lenses require glasses ………… bcp hygiene and care! there are several kinds of lenses! but on one condition! be vigilant with hygiene and treats! as this can have serious consequences for thee in all cases must be removed each night before sleep and put them in a cleaning solution to wash their hands of you and the maniples return the next day! short enough binding! see with your eye doctor but long term there are better especially for myopic people! it is the operation (laser) which enables you to not wear anything! it corrects the defects of myopia (in one hour) your myopia disappears by cons it is still quite expensive! but it’s ideal! I have no such default view but someone in my family and yes it’s really good! information you also to thy ophthalmologist good luck.


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