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Personally, I have a friend who has lenses but not before 16 and not more than 12 hours a day. After 18 years it’s growing. You have to be strict and hyper hyper careful with your eyes and lenses. Be changed every month and buy special liquid … Basically for 3 months lenses takes a little close but it can change it back € 150 just for the lenses … You really you ask a your specialist. Also be aware that a poorly put lens hurt badly and in court or what if your not your glasses on you ben wholesale in your shit. You can also have conjunctivitis etc because she was badly dressed.Think about all that. I think increasingly you’re head in the air, so it is best to ask for glasses with lenses anti-scratch.C is best for you I think.

My daughter wears lenses since the age of 13, she categorically refused to put his glasses
No disposable that were not supported by my mutual, the only condition given that the optometrist is that it had to be very careful and respect the rules of hygiene.

Can anyone advise on the operation of myopia?

Good or bad experience, your opinion please
for low myopia, but still forced to wear glasses all the time.
Update: @ Anonymous: what with the fact not to assume? it sucks to wear glasses, and my eyes do not support the lenses. If you think it is pretty and fashionable, good for you ..
Update 2: JM: not just the operation will not have to wear glasses
Update 3: Romantique My hours: thank you for your reply, I’ll wait for now.
Ioka: Thank you, I had testimony from two people quite disappointed that told me that they should be re-operation in 10 years a priori it is not really final yet so I’ll wait before going under the knife.
Recommend for people who have high myopia or ocular with several small problems because the laser operation will correct all … but 30% chess …… .. several side effects blurred vision and double sechresse ocular … and others …. but you seeking a specialized center with a little risky technique. . good Courage
glasses it has become a fashion and it’s very nice, I’d never operated on me for not wearing glasses, in my opinion you assume anything in your life and that is why you ask the question in anonymous
so I too am not reveal

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